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For me, 2017 was a year of new challenges and a hope for a better tomorrow. What stood before me was the daunting task of re-establishing myself as the man I once knew. Juggling being a husband, fatherhood, new employment and a new house brought with it a sense euphoria, but also the terrible specter of doubt and uncertainty.


So much of the good in 2017 was undermined by the nagging sense that my purpose, beyond being a father and husband, was undefined. A hunt for more meaningful hours in the day overshadowed the fact that I lead a pretty good life. What I have found through personal reflection and contemplation is that writing is the path for my purpose driven salvation.

Writing drives me, it distracts me and at times, it punishes me. Daydreams, wild imaginative scenarios and the occasional terrifying, but eye-opening nightmare fuel that part of the brain that puts an idea to paper. The problem, of course, is that majority of my waking hours are spent not expanding those ideas, but rummaging through my remaining thought patterns hoping to sufficiently address needs of people that when the day ends will think little of it in any greater terms that I crave.

I realized that I was not living my dream, but the dream of others. For many that’s okay. They look for other joys in life and I applaud those individuals. I’m happy for your journey, but for individuals like me there is a career worth tolerating then there is a career worth loving. In 2019, I plan on navigating that part of my life differently than I ever have. Those who know me probably see a man averse to risk and apt to take the surest path. I’m not alone as I think humans more often than not wager on what is safest. Admittedly, I’m not a gambling man, but I plan on turning the tide in my pursuit of personal fulfillment. That fulfillment started with Wet Ink Project in 2018 and when my debut novel The Cranes of Blackwell was picked up by Kyanite Publishing.

My journey to personal enlightenment led to the creation of Wet Ink Project, a publishing contract, and the dream of becoming a professional writer. A dream that I believe many of you share. A seedling planted in the hopes creativity and imagination can bloom. Wet Ink Project is for all of you as much as it is for me. I want you to express yourselves and let your writing dreams become a reality. I know the hurdles that fear and poor self-esteem represent. Would you believe that I’m working on completing my fourth novel-length manuscript? Don’t sell yourself short to your apprehension about submitting your work. It takes courage to hit that send button and pray that the person on the other side doesn’t trample over your hard work. You should continue this dream but I'm afraid I've got some bad news.

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Unfortunately, time is of the essence and there isn't much to be had. As with everything else in 2020 the world has been turned upside down. Thus it was with a heavy heart I ended the Wet Ink Project to focus on my writing as an author.


The end of the Wet Ink Project doesn't mean the end of what it stood for but a new beginning for me as an author. 

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Enough of the sad stuff. Back to what I'm all about. 

The website is now my base of operations for all things writing. Short stories, articles, and reviews will continue to come out. Not only that I'm a published author and my works will be here for you to purchase (sorry not ALL my stories can be free lol) and enjoy!


Here's something cool:


I've had the privilege of working with other creators to be a part of podcasts and when they publish, I'll link them here as well.  And....AND the Wet Ink Podcast will be back! We'll be talking about pop culture, news, and anything else that strikes our fancy.