A Poem: The Charge of St. Nick

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The Charge of Saint Nicholas

Before the sun dips over the snows in the west

Children whisper supplications touting their best

With the hopes of St. Nicholas will bring packages with care

And the fear that only coal will be there

His red jacket for warmth and his boots for the snow

The image of jolly Father Christmas is one all kids will know

He’ll arrive just after twilight led by eight faithful reindeer

The patter of their magical hooves too quiet to hear

Down the chimney, he’ll scamper with gifts on his back

Presents innumerable fill that great burlap sack

Beneath the tree, Santa twinkles and shines

Gift after gift laid with love beneath a starry pine

And when he is done with his mission of joy

A tribute of cookies and milk did the children employ

One bite of each and a few sips from the glass

With a wink and a nod, his time in the house would soon come to pass

Back up through the soot and into the night

Jumping back his sleigh his reindeer take flight

When the sun rises and the kids race down with glee

Dear Santa will know and smile at the joy they find under the tree.

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