ADAM is Worthy of Your Science Fiction Attention

"I suppose I should be careful with this motorized hand...oh I'm a robot?...well then nevermind."

In case you were curious, it is possible to render a film in real time. What that means for you film buffs means a lot more to you than me, but what I see in ADAM is the real splendor of cinema technology. Plus it's totally free on YouTube. Before I dive into the plot I want to take a moment to discuss how freaking beautiful this film is on even the smallest of screens.

Had I not played video games my entire life there is a good chance I would've looked at this and freaked out because it looks so damn real. Now, I obtained a new appreciation for when my wife says the players on Madden look real. Sure, I guess so, but man when the engine to run it shows up like this even I thought about what I was watching twice.

The movements of ADAM and the other robot humanoids are fluid and only a trace amount of awkward lag can be noticed by the human eye. The particles of dust that dance in the bleakly lit air, the lighting and the shadowing are all done to perfection. Granted it is only a 5 or 6 minute short film, but nevertheless it can be breathtaking.

The plot is where is changes from beautiful to bleak. Not because it's bad, just because you realize that the robots are not a welcomed bunch. Clad in quasi prisoner uniforms they are trudged out into the open and the moment they disobey they take a bullet to the mainframe.

Welcome college grads to the real world! Enjoy your loans!

The story does go much further than they get to meet a mysterious other robot and some humans before wandering off into the wastelands. Sort of like the original Judge Dredd but without the awfulness of Rob Schneider tagging a long.

The film was written and directed by Veselin Efremov and you can watch the first installment below:

We're not done.

So Oats Studios Film got a a hold of Neill Blomkamp (District 9) and let him have a crack at the science fiction shorts.

ADAM: The Mirror takes the first one and expands on the story and the use of technology. When I thought the first video couldn't get any crisper, it turns around and slaps me on the face. The robots begin to break down from the arduous journey and each devastating effect is rendered without fault. It's to the point where you almost feel sorry for ADAM and his companions. The wastes are also depicted like you'd imagine and again the eerie realistic effects are ever present. The light reflects of the characters and each intricate movement of the robot is rendered.

The story expands upon the first video and introduces voice over work which would be my own gripe. Nothing major, but not my style for the atmosphere.

I guess I'm just being nit picky. Anyways here's ADAM: The Mirror

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