Be a Little Selfish No One Else Will Be for You

Guess which pieces WEREN'T chocolate....

Your life is your life. You alone are tasked with how things turn out and while that may sound easier said than done, a lot of us struggle with what it is we exactly want to do. I'm not going to pretend that there aren't a bevy of bad decisions to be made out there through selfish acts, but you can do things that benefit solely you without being a complete asshole.

Now, there are some very, very important caveats associated with doing whatever your little heart desires. I will list (some) of them out for you and me because I'm thinking of this as I type:

1. Cannot kill anything. This is tough because I'm sure there are hunters out there. Just remember to follow the laws of the state. The tarps full of headless deer corpses behind my parents house were a real treat in the off season. I'm not going to stop you from pummeling some SOB that is causing your harm, but stop short of death.

2. No wrecking homes. Unless you can live with yourself you whores. Before you go doing anything to destroy another's love just ask yourself how you would feel walking in on some unsanctioned love making in your sheets. You burn those sheets and your eyes. Especially if there is butt stuff going on.

3. Do not involve children. Again, a caveat here. If it is taking your kids for ice cream, to the playground or kindermusik (which is awful by the way) then that's fine, but if you are planning on climbing Mt. Everest then leave the kid at home. Especially if it is your neighbor's kid. The gist of not involving kids is don't scare their little psyches or cause actually physical harm. Honestly, if you can't figure out how not to do to that then just focus on doing stuff without kids.

No more lists. It could go on forever.

Doing what you want is for the better of yourself and trying things outside of your comfort zone. It may be as simple as eating a bagel instead of toast or trying white wine, but your personal goals need to take a big leap to the forefront. So if there's a job you've been eyeing, hobby you want to start or a lady and/or and/both man friend you want to ask out then go for it (disclaimer: they might not want that).

Reverse this and see what happens. I'll try and blog about it later. My wife does yoga, but alas I do not. Plus my nose could blind her.

The last thing I'll say about doing what you want is make sure you're alright with the inevitability that people around you will HATE you. There's nothing more annoying that a person with the confidence to enjoy their lives. Trust me. I have zero so when I see just a little I want to snap. Any who, there is a good chance that it will flop and make it a challenge to not be embarrassed. I think the easy thing to do would be to take something you are already good at and just do it for your own enjoyment.

Unless of course you aren't as good as you used to be:

Oh sweet Jesus. This might ruin the point of my whole post.

So take a moment and savor the fact that you have only one life to live. Take every chance you have to enjoy it and make the most of it. Sometimes that might mean doing something against the wishes of those you love, but remember if they love you then they'll forgive you.

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