Hunting the Hunter

by B.K. Bass

Fog rolled thickly through the streets, the moonlight casting an eerie glow upon the vapor. The air was still and warm. The night was not overly dark, but the haze choking the city shrouded it nonetheless. Gareth looked over at his young companion, Miles. The young thief had become quite adept at the shadow craft, and at handling the more harrowing challenges they faced in the dark streets of Seahaven. Miles looked back, his gap-toothed grin charming in its own way. The moisture in the air had plastered his blond curls to his forehead under the hood of his cloak. He held a simple quarterstaff, carved with swirls and knots.

Gareth pulled back his own hood, revealing short-cropped dark hair that matched the thick stubble on his square jaw. He peered down into the fog cloaked street, seeing a figure darting unnaturally quickly through the shadows. He pointed, and Miles took off across the rooftops at a sprint. Gareth lowered himself over the side of the roof, dropping to a balcony. He vaulted over the side and landed on the cobblestone streets with a soft grunt. Their quarry could not be seen, but he knew that the figure could not be too far. He set off at a measured pace, gliding through the