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I don't think it's a secret in 2018 that a large of majority of reading is done through the ebook format. I still enjoy the feeling of turning the page and closing the cover after a good reading session, but in today's world things are a bit different. Ebooks offer a more portable option for the avid reader. Kindles, iPads, Nooks or Kobos are all great options for people to take an entire library with them wherever they may roam.

But what is the best app for all of these books?

There are a ton of options for how you read your books. Kindle, Google Play both offer a great variety of books, but I'm going to propose an alternative that some of you may not have heard of, Scribd.

Scribd crept onto my radar about 6 months ago when I was searching for a way to find books published by the major publishing houses at a cost that wasn't going to break my book budget. New books from Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House or HaperCollins typically run $29.95 for a hardcover and half that for a new paperback. The ebook format isn't a whole ton cheaper per book.

Scribd cost a whooping $8.99 a month.

So what do you get for $8.99 a month?

Hundreds of thousands of ebooks, thousands of audio books, magazines, news articles and even sheet music! These are your run of the mill ebooks either. Amazon's Kindle Unlimited services as turned into a self-publishers wet dream and while that's great for aspiring authors, it also clogs up the stream with plenty of crappy titles.

Scribd does have some self-published works; however, it maintains a significantly larger library of best sellers from the biggest publishing houses. You'll find the greatest works from authors like Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Robin Sloan or Ruth Hogan. Plus, there's more of them. Kindle Unlimited has the benefit of a robust number of books, but Scribd will bring you better quality titles over the course of the lifetime of your membership.

But here's the real advantage. The number of these quality books is unlimited! Scribd moved to a credit system in 2017, but reverted back to the unlimited model in 2018. So you get AAA titles and as many as you want!

You mentioned audio books?

I drive a lot for my day job and I don't get a chance to get my literary fix as much as I'd like. Well, that went away when I subscribed to Scribd. Audible is the biggest competitor to Scribd in the audio book world. Audible does have a premium selection there's not doubting that, but here's where I decided to choose Scribd instead. Scribd's audio book collection is unlimited. You can listen to as many as you'd like in any given month. Audible utilizes a credit system. Now, if you don't listen to many books or you aren't on the road that much then Scribd might not be the services for you, but the available titles are pretty darn close in AAA quality. Again, you're going to get some top notch author works within that same price point.

What can Scribd be viewed on?

This is were I would argue Scribd stumbles a little and it's not really the company's fault. Reading compatibility is limited on tablets like the Kindle Fire and none existent on the Kindle Paperwhite products.

Scribd is of course available on all Apple products and Android is also supported. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. As long as your tablet isn't older than ten years it shouldn't be a problem.

So that brings me to the Kindle Fire. I have a Kindle Fire 7 and the Scribd does just fine on there. The majority of Kindle Fire owners that have a newer android operating system will be fine. There's a few extra steps but nothing that can't be accomplished in a few minutes.

Unfortunately, because of the limited capabilities n(AKA no 3rd party apps. Thanks Jeff!) of the paper white products they can't be used for Scribd.

The bottom line is that Scribd provides a quality reading service, with quality titles at a digestible $8.99 a month. Now, here's the best part:

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