Interview with a Poet: RaeAnne Chanelle

The Wet Ink Project welcomes poet, creative soul, and champion of positivity, RaeAnne Chanelle!

The Wet Ink Project had the pleasure of reading Black Sheep Dark Room, an inspiring poem of personal struggle and the power of positive energy.

Wow, that’s the first thing that came to mind when I read Black Sheep Dark Room. I always like to read poems first for the meanings I find and then for what I think the poet is trying to convey. To me, it is a deep dive into the inner you and the internal struggle that challenges your positivity. I hope I’m not too out of left field there, but what does it mean to you?

You pretty much hit the nail on the head. The beginning of Black Sheep Dark Room; Forever S7even I wrote in my mothers perspective. My Mother and I are one in the same, yet I have my own path. Towards the 7th stanza I create my own voice by acknowledging the cycles I've repeated, calling out for unification from my family so I do not become Robin, and breaking free. To me Black Sheep Dark Room; Forever S7even is a reintroduction. Hello, it's me. I'm sorry it's me. Fuck off it's me. Amen it's me. Listen, it's me. 

There are certainly esoteric-centric devices at play throughout the poem, but it doesn’t cloud the greater message as a strong-willed individual shrugging the burdens of emotional trauma. Was it difficult to put your heart onto paper for the world to see?

Difficult? No. Uneasy, Hell yes. Now that I see what's going on I'm not finna live my life in this shit. It's not easy telling my family, we deserved better a long time ago...especially when the whole family thinks all is good. Uneasy or not my family will get the memo.  

You seem to have been dealt a challenging hand when it comes to relationships. When did poetry come into your life and was it a tool you used to conquer those memories of negativity in those relationships?

Nah, "The Wet Ink Project", see, I am the challenging hand. Poetry birthed me in all honesty. It was the power of words that brought me to life. My family doesn't know that I know, but they need Me. I am a tool, poetry is One of my gifts.

I love the positivity you exude in your YouTube videos and writing! When did you realize you had a penchant for drawing out hope in the world around you?

My ancestors prayed real hard that I would one day see myself as the greatest tool, so that I can have access to all things. In regards to when? Right now. Right now I'm conquering those memories in a way where it's not even negativity anymore. I like to consider myself as a revolutionist...fighting for a damn change in the camp I was birthed into. For me right now at this moment I want for my family to unite and consider each others feelings/motives. Right now and everyday moving forward. 

I don't, pray. 

Alright, now for a few fastball questions!

The biggest source of inspiration?

The Bible. 

Favorite poet?

I am a collaborative poet; so everybody. But if I had to single out someone, it would be God through Maya Angelou. 

Did you know that for 5 years she didn't speak because she thought the mentioning of being molested killed her molester? Yeah, you feel me?! I vote her.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?


Pizza or tacos?

Lobster Tail 

Favorite guilty pleasure?


Thank you for letting the Wet Ink Project into your world! We’re looking forward to seeing what inspiration strikes you next!

You can find RaeAnne on social media and check other interviews with RaeAnne on Youtube!

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