UPDATE: Ray Bradbury Getting Some Modern Cinema (HBO) Love and a Premiere Date

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

UPDATE: According to Variety, Fahrenheit 451 will premiere on HBO on May 19, 2018 at 8 pm. So if you don't have HBO find someone who does and I must stress I'm not condoning such behavior, use their login for HBO GO.

Ray Bradbury is an icon in the science fiction world and many of his works have made their way to the big screen. The Illustrated Man (1969), Something Wicked This Way Come (1983) and Fahrenheit 451 (1966) are just some of his works that made the jump from the pages to the screen. Now, the astute Bradbury fan (or really anyone who is remotely cultured) will recognize the above image from the cover of Fahrenheit 451.

Well that's because it's Hollywood's turn to give it another go. Now, I don't recall seeing the first one and since it hasn't been on Netflix or Hulu (I cut the cord suck it Comcast) I will likely never see it without purchasing it. Since I am saving my funds for more purposeful things like booze and hair thickening shampoo, I won't see it.

But the good news is there is a 2018 version coming out on HBO and since I do have access to HBO Go *wink *wink, I will watch this and I will write another article either touting the merits of such an inspiring program or mocking it. While I love mocking things, I prefer not to.

Anyways here's Wonderwall:

To me it looks exciting and a good adaptation of an American science fiction classic. Others might see an eerie path to our futures and even some will ignore it like the plague.

Do yourselves a favor though. Read the book. Enjoy it and tell people about how you finally read it and you are cultured. Apes have never read it. So there's your incentive. You aren't an ape.

*Book cover property of Syfy

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