REVIEW: Get Rid of the Silverback in Your House with the baKblade

Let me pick the low hanging fruit before it falls to the ground. The Cincinnati zoo showed the American public the best way to get rid of a gorilla. It spurred an outcry for a review of animal rights, a wave of hypocritical judgement regarding parents and of course the now socially acceptable phrase "dicks out for Harambe."

Now that I have that out of the way why don't we talk about why you're really here. You are a hairy animal that if left unkempt will be an overgrown bush of a man (or woman) when it comes to back hair. That is where the baKblade comes in and boy is it a doozy.

Oh what the hell. Dicks out for Harambe

Much like the Victoria Secret models, I too have my angel wings. The difference being mine are not made of goose down, jewels and wire, but rather mine sprout in two fantastically placed spots of hair. I'm losing it on my head, but God forbid it stops on my back. By in large I'm not a overly hairy individual, but when I do get those odd spots of back hair, well that's where the baKblade comes in.

It's a very simplistic design. A blade protected by a plastic comb with the perfect angle. The blade can be used even in those hard to reach places which become harder and harder to reach as I get wider.

Cheap plastic never felt so good.....wait...

It'll get the job done for your average hairy person. More extreme cases like this:

Unless of course your lover enjoys having the leverage of viciously yanking on your back hair

The baKblade can be picked up on Amazon right now and wouldn't you know it I have link right here.

Rumor has it there is a baKblade 2.0 for the Sasquatches out there.

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