Review: High West Whiskey American Prairie Bourbon. Tastes Like the West in July.

Any of you bitches like whiskey and books?

High West Distillery's American Prairie Bourbon is a solid addition to my liquor cabinet. The Park City, Utah distillery delivers its promise of a tasty bourbon at a decent price point ($36).

When I'm just hanging out...playing Nintendo...I enjoy a gentle pour of something stronger than beer and the color of amber. Any guesses?

No not piss. You're gross.

Bourbon is my whiskey of choice and that's why I'm pleased to say my overall experiences with High West American Prairie (Let's shorten that up to Prairie going forward) has been a pleasant one. The aesthetics are critical to me and Prairie's design department came up big with theirs. The bottle is tall, impressive and not at all phallic. The label is old west in style. A bit like the wanted posters you seen in movies.

I won't lie to you some of my initial impressions of liquor are based solely on the label and the bottle. If this bothers you that I'm not a connoisseur of liquors then I'll give you a moment to remember why you're here.

Come to think of it I'm not sure why you're here, but keep reading. It'll be fun I promise.

Oh and here's that kick ass bottle I mentioned:

Anythings a ....I think we know how the phrase goes. Did I mention my other works on the site? There are classy things here somewhere.

Color not the same as pee? Check. Bottle awesomeness? Check. The next step to drinking whiskey involves taking a big ole whiff. Well, more of a studious waft, but I'm not a scholar. The smell of whiskey takes a long ass time to be able to denote any difference between Black Velvet and Pappy, but believe or not once accomplished it is possible to pick out different notes. Notes is fancy talk for stink.

There are reviews out there that are going to sit there and tell you they can smell banana. I call bull shit. I can smell oak, I catch a scent of cinnamon and if I stretch out my nostrils for five seconds then I can pick up a hint of vanilla. Banana though? No none for me thank you. This is America, not Brazil.

Carnival must be fun. I mean look at that face. Banana whiskey is the only thing I can image would cause that forced smile.

Now for the part that matters more than looks or smell. The taste (there's a sexual innuendo in there if you can find it). Prairie has a bit more burn than your typical bourbon and I think its because the Mormons in Utah wanted a palatable beverage that had a little of that Holy Joseph Smith kick to it. Puts hair on your chest, but definitely not on your head. My unyielding male pattern balding can attest to that.

Mormons say they don't drink alcohol, but a building with no windows? That sounds like a dive bar to me.

There's a strong oak finish with each sip and without an age listed on the bottle I can tell you it is probably only a few years old in the casks. I'm not taking anything away from the flavor, but be prepared for a little after burn.

Bottom line is Prairie is a good, affordable bourbon. On the rocks or mixed in a cocktail would be my preferred method here. Drinking it neat takes a little extra effort. At $36 it was on the fairly cheap side of decent bourbon, but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it. Keep the bottle though. It's fucking awesome. Makes you feel like a real cowboy.

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