REVIEW: Incredibles 2

Let me brag a moment here before continuing with the review. This was young son's first movie theater experience and he absolutely crushed it. Rooted for the good guys, snacked on candy and stayed in his seat for the duration.


Now then to the review:

The Incredibles are a super hero family that struggle through the mundane of existence as normal people do, but have the additional burden of not being allowed to use their super powers. Imagine working in a cubicle and having an amazing gift but being told you can't use it....ever. Naturally, you have a breakdown and a moment to find yourself before continuing on for the sake of....Sorry got off on a tangent there.

Incredibles 2 shows that Disney still has got the goods when it comes to entertainment. Kids can laugh at the cheese ball gags and marvel at the super powers, while parents can relate to the struggles of well, being a parent. That's where this movie shines and makes it more than bearable for adults. There are plenty of hidden jokes in there that brought me to laugh.

That's the look of a man who knows he's about to board the struggle bus.

The movie starts out with the gang trying to stop a gigantic drill and failing to do so before it destroys most of the city. Normally, this is the MO of super hero movies even if they don't capture the bad guy. No one in the city cares and they throw a parade. But not in whatever city this is. They banish them from society and arrest them when the get out of line.

We could either be treated to a bizarre episode of Law and Order or that could change. Wouldn't you know it a super hero advocate, with tons of money, comes out of the woodwork to help out. In league with his creepy sister, they decide to bring one of the Incredible to the forefront.

I'll let you figure out who they don't pick.

If you guessed Elastigirl (voiced by Holly Hunter) you'd be wrong.

She's chosen as the face of super hero comebacks. The reason that the advocate, Winston Deavor (voiced by Bob Odenkirk), picks her is because she's less destructive than Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson). Personally, I think Winston picks her because of her charming, mush mouth Midwestern accent and her being straight up thicc. Two things I know kids find hot these days.

In any case this disappoints Mr. Incredible because he's stuck being a stay at home dad. Welcome to 2018 buddy. He naturally struggles because all dad's are idiots while Elastigirl becomes a celebrity.

Dad not being able to handle baby? Check

Through a series of comedic stunts and the baby's powers suddenly becoming woke, Mr. Incredible is forced to watch from the sidelines. In typical dad fashion he fails to understand his hormonal charged teenage daughter, wild son and as I mentioned the baby.

It's become a cliche but it works here. The whole set of sequences with Mr. Incredible is hilarious and a situation young dads can relate to. It was probably my favorite aspect of the film was watching him struggle to find sleep and contain a child that couldn't be contained.

"That's it Jack Jack, my hopes and dreams can't stand up to laser vision!"

The action sequences were kid friendly and the animation incredibly (pun intended) well done. I mean it's Disney so that shouldn't be a surprise, but props are definitely due here. My only real issue was there wasn't enough of them and the adult in me began to wonder if it was because it was to expense to make. The other issue was that if you really wanted to see super powers you were only get a real taste of Elastigirl.

The only real downfall is the bizarre short movie they make you watch. Something about an Asian mom losing her mind about her son who isn't exactly a dumpling.

They don't bang if that's what you're wondering.

Overall, I think Disney hit another home run for the kiddos. I know my son liked it so I can attest to at least one kid enjoying it.

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