REVIEW: The Rain Episode 1 (Spoilers)

The Danes aren't necessarily known in the United States for much more than being named in countries with great health care and free education (sure sure), but they apparently also are interested in bringing their brand of science fiction to Netflix. That is where The Rain comes in.

The Rain is actually quite original in its idea. A virus is carried through the rain that wipes out humanity. We've become quite fond of wiping humanity in our movies and television shows and this is the first time I've seen it done through the use of rain (anything to get the job done right?). The show doubles as a coming of age story for a Danish girl named Simone and her little brother, Rasmus.

Who are two annoying kids that kill their parents? Well, we'll find out won't we.

The first issue I have with the show is the dubbing. I understand that in order to adapt it to American television you must make it in the only language that matters, English. The Rain really struggles in this respect. The main characters are bearable, but ancillary characters sound ridiculous. I've seen anime that do a better job of dubbing English.

The second thing that bothers me, and this will make me sound like I hate kids, but Rasmus suffers from Dakota Fanning syndrome or rather the same bullshit she pulled in War of the Worlds. I've never wanted to see a kid disappear from a television show faster than this little turd. He's whiny, obstinate and just a general scene killer ( and mom killer).

Early on in the episode the family causes a major accident resulting in traffic being backed up for miles and the likely deaths of thousands, but that doesn't bother them as they go rushing off into the woods to a hidden bunker that apparently is only a few hundred yards away from a major highway. In the bunker the are safe from the rain, but their dad knows he's the only one who can save the world so he disappears.

Moments later one of the people they left for dead comes a knocking in the pouring rain. Their mother tells them to stay put but as children will often do, they told her to stick it where the sun don't shine and they go rushing to let him in. Here's the result:


So for the next five years the siblings spend their time dancing and trying to remain sane, but naturally when the prime of your life is spent stuck in a hole things tend to get a bit antsy. Presumably because Rasmus turns from a 5 year old to an 18 year old in only five years and wouldn't you know it he's still a dick. I suppose I can't really blame him considering he blew through puberty without any privacy whatsoever.

Dad said to never leave you alone, NEVER

Eventually, Rasmus becomes a teenage cynic and tells Simone he wants to leave the bunker. Personally, I think it was a ploy to get her to leave, but either way she falls for it and she goes wondering out into the world. Naturally she finds it to be devoid of life save for a coyote and some scarred remains of people. She flashes back to a simpler time when Rasmus was the subject of experimentation from his parents. It's unclear what he has, but without seeing another episode the viewer can guess he's important.

The brother and sister combo talk about leaving and spend their last night in the bunker spooning before suddenly the air filtration system goes to shit. Forcing the pair outside with only the clothes on their backs. Rasmus is only in a wife beater and a pair of whitey tighties which I'm assuming are his dad's because he was a little kid when he first came to the bunker. Spoiler alert: There are no visible skid marks.

Still I can't imagine sharing my dad's underwear.

Rasmus: "First Sears we see I'm looting pants and new underwear sis." Simone "About that..."

The episode ends with the duo getting confronted by presumably hostile survivors as they flee the bunker.

I can't say I was really that enthralled with The Rain. It was predictable and the characters were tough to really relate to because the dubbing was so poor. I'll likely give the show another episode or two, but if you choose to ignore it, I would hardly blame you.

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