Review: Visme Elevates Your Marketing Game

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

As with many of you out there, I do not have any real marketing training beyond what it takes to grab a potential customer’s attention with whatever I could drum up using Microsoft Publisher or Canva. Graphic Design is its own field after all and you can pay top dollar to get logos or reports made by a graphic designer or you could simply find an easy to use tool to help.

That’s where Visme grabbed my attention or rather, they grabbed mine. As a consultant and an author, I needed to get my brand out there in a way that really pulled in consumer attention beyond a descriptive understanding of our services.

One of the confusions a lot of people have with Visme vs. other tools is that they often think of Visme as just a Presentation or Infographic tool but Visme offers a wide range of tools to use:

Visme is used to make Graphs and Charts:

Visme is used to also create Printables such as Flyers

Visme is also used to create Scatter Plots:

Visme is also used to publish Survey results:

Visme is an easy to use tool and that’s how they wanted it. A drag and drop approach to creating logos, presentations, reports, flyers or anything your brand needs to be successful in an ever-growing marketing environment.

The drag and drop approach to images, text boxes and the ability to manipulate the material without a graphic design degree in your back pocket is quite handy. Below is a sample social media banner that has the drag and drop fields on the right panel:

As you can see you can add a wealth of information to any item on the screen and build out a great looking brand. Speaking of brands, this is another area where Visme excels.

Branding can be done in a collective, team-based manner to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to logos, company colors and even font sizes.

You can create complete templates that are able to be shared with users and updated by the team. A business plan is available for purchase over the individual plan. I haven’t been able to use this feature yet, but there are tutorials available to assist with developing a brand package.

Tutorials are another strength with Visme. Visme experts provide seemingly countless tutorials on the various types of designs available and how best to utilize the system. These tutorials are accessible on demand and can be viewed while you are in the middle of creating a design.

So, you might be asking what is the price point for Visme and you’d be surprised to see it’s remarkably affordable. The prices vary from individual to business to education.

Here is the breakdown of the individual plan:

To the Business Plan:

And for the educators in the house, there is a school friendly price plan based on semesters (I was having issues uploading an image. Visit for more information).

There’s a plan to fit anyone’s needs and that’s what makes Visme so flexible!

Now, is this too good to be true?

Not exactly, but that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect system. There are some flaws in the product.

First and foremost, the editing features for text are inconsistent at times and it really depends on whether or not you are copy and pasting information into a text box. Carrying over information from a word processor such as Word isn’t precise. This may be due to the font differences in the product, but its not anything you can’t overcome.

The other problem I’ve encountered is when I’m creating a new document and it isn’t necessarily the standard 8.5 x 11 that I’m used to. For most of the documents, I have not had any issues, but at times it can be a frustration.

Overall though it is a worthy addition to your graphic design toolkit. It’s not a flawless product, but compared to its competitors it provides the most options for personal, business and educator use.


Diverse designs

Easy Drag and Drop

Low Price Point

Great Tutorials


Wonky Font Issues

Copy and Paste Functionality

Visit to get started!

*Visme furnished me the Complete Individual Plan for the purposes of this review.

*Updated 2/20/19

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