Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling

Every generation of children has their pop culture icons, books and television shows they hold onto throughout their lives. Some people might even go so far as to suggest that these influences helped shape and define who they are as adults.

Rocko’s Modern Life is not one of those shows.

Unless of course you grew up understanding what episode this comes from:

Alright, so I can recite the quote verbatim, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say Rocko’s Modern Life defined me. I’d argue that it was probably one of those shows you watched against your parents’ wishes al a South Park circa 1996. Not quite huddled in the basement with the lights off bad, but on par in many ways with Ren & Stimpy.

Occasionally, I’ll read on the Internet that one of the scenes from the show was banned:

Says it was banned, but that portion of my brain that remembers stupid facts and figures distinctly remembers that scene. What that part of the brain didn’t comprehend was that joke and what “premature departure” was implying.

So why exactly am I writing an article about Rocko’s Modern Life? Well, at some point the past (I frankly don’t remember) there was a teaser trailer for a Rocko’s Modern Life movie that was coming to Netflix in August 2019. Well guess what? It’s July 28th which means it’s right around the corner! In fact Netflix will release Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling on August 9th.

Here’s the latest trailer:

So to summarize, the gang returns from outer-space to the year 2019 with the understanding that it is no longer the 90’s. It would be confusing especially considering much of 90’s fashion is making a return. Rocko didn’t have a fanny pack, but he’d be right at home.

I guess the real question is, will the 90’s humor from the show hold up for a new audience? Nope, probably not, but for those of us who like to wallow in our own nostalgia it will be a welcome addition to our memories.

Or not.

Remember I’m judging this entirely on a trailer.

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