Terror Comes to AMC March 26th

Dan Simmons's The Terror is one of my all time favorite historical fictions. When I first signed up for Scribd (which I will write about soon), I immediately was drawn to Simmons's work and The Terror. The audio book was full of an colorful mix of characters born from the British Isles and under extreme circumstances, forced to take an eclectic and often horrifying approach to the limits of what it means to be human.

Did I mention the book was based on historical fact?

In 1845, the HMS Terror and the HMS Erebus undertook an Arctic expedition under the command of Sir John Franklin to find a way through the Northwest Passage. In case you are curious that is through the frozen wastes of Northern Canada and nearly devoid of all life save for some seals, polar bears and fish. The two vessels inevitably got marooned in the ice. Both ships were equipped with fuel to power the ships engines and heaters which worked for awhile, but eventually the ice never broke and the crew were forced to abandon ship in an ill fated attempt to get to warmer waters.

Now, the book picks up as the situation first turns for the worst. Judging by the show's trailers it seems that is the case as well. In the trailers you also get a glimpse into the real terror on the icy wastes. An ancient being stalks them and no one is safe.

I encourage everyone to check out the program. If it is anything like the book with which its based on you will not be disappointed. It won't be anything more than a mini-series or a short seasoned program, but judging on the cast it can't be bad. Plus and perhaps most importantly the show is being produced by none other than Ridley Scott. If you can't get on board after that then I think it's prudent to say you have terrible taste in movies/television shows.

Speaking of the cast why don't we take a look, shall we?

Jared Harris (The Expanse) plays Captain Francis Crozier and is the primary protagonist from the book and likely the program. In the book he is a man of conviction and concern for his crew. It's really easy to feel as though he's a character anyone can relate. Unless of course you are a psychpath.

Here's a the real Captain Crozier:

(Sort of a spoiler) Let's just say there aren't too many pictures after the Franklin Expedition

Tobias Menzies (Game of Thrones) portrays James Fitzjames and Crozier's closest confidant and Ciaran Hinds (Rome) plays the captain of the ill-fated expedition, Sir John Franklin. There are a plethora of new comers to the screen with this show.

I'll level with you. Judging from the plot of the book and the actual expedition this series is going to be graphic and a wonderful addition to the horror genre. Once the series gets going I'll make a post of the fate of the real expedition. I don't want to spoil for anyone not familiar with the novel.

The show is going to be great, but I still 100% recommend the book which can be found here

Lastly, take a look at the second trailer and get the chills. You'll love it. The Terror premieres March 26th.

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