WTF 2020 / RIP Wet Ink Project

I mean holy gargaballs 2020

I'm not going to spend time rehashing the first 8 months of the year. We all know it sucks and the only reason there is an end in sight is that we adopted the Gregorian Calendar. A man-made construct that thankfully gives us perspective about time and our current place in it. Without it, 2020 potentially could be endless--

Dear God

Diving into the details of 2020 just isn't worth it. COVID took the mainstage and just like a rotten tomatoes score no really seems to be on the same page. People who wear masks, asshats that don't, schools opening, businesses closing the list goes on and on. We as Americans managed to turn a virus into a political talking point. We're getting pretty good at that *see HIV/AIDS.

There are lots of other things that 2020 brought us Tiger King, the rise in Tik Tok, BLM, Epstein Cohorts, and a whole host of other things, and its only AUGUST.

But it also brought me some semblance of joy--

The Cranes of Blackwell is coming October 9th and my short Megan was released on August 9th. I mean those are two great things, right? I'll post links to both in a separate post but I mean that's a positive thing.

Lastly, I regret to say that the Wet Ink Project is dead. I wanted to create a community and instead, it was like OJ moved in next door. No one wanted to be apart of except for OJ (In this scenario I am OJ but not a murderer or a former NFL Player). I do appreciate the readership and will continue to write but will be doing so under JD Kellner. The podcast will return and I can't wait to unveil a couple of other surprises.

So come along and read with me.

JD Kellner

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